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The 2013 London Total Immersion Seminar Footage- 3. Comment: Non seulement les liens sont morts mais en supplement le ou les fichiers de presque tous les telechargements photoshop sont morts c'est une perte de tempsreparez ou enlevez ces fichiers svp', this, event, '350px')"Bonuses include:- Maui Speed Marketing- 3 follow-up teleseminars- "The Super Trance-formational Super-Trance Induction" CDWho Else Wants To Blast Past Stuck Points Untangle Your Past And Rocket Up The Learning Curve To Total Success And Mastery?

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Rapid and Total Success with Women (formerly known as Speed Seduction 4.0 with updates)- 2. They arc also available by wndng to the state Parks and Recreation Department at P. Compiled from staff reports Sivists blast Micron aid pl Sw By Frank E. Lockwood Times-Ncws writer TWIN F.-\LLS - Two anti-lax activists** and a state lawmaker arc deelaririe war on program match for Twin Falls. Tuesday at the Springdale Isi and 2nd Ward LDS Chapel. Burial will be ai the Pleasant View CCtncicry in Burley. A daughter wos bom to Laurel and Robert Nay of Obituaries For obituary rate information, call 733-0931, extension 278 Falls and no funeral services have been planned. That could also increase the number of refund claims, which have been running 32 perccrit below expectations. Continusd from AS * Streamline the system and improve communicoiions between agencies. We get a Finish Lino In Rupert, said the city has been good for his 4- lot ofbusiness.” Buckley said, year-old lube and car wash service. Thev Twin Falls i.s to lure Micron ingly and jiidicioiisly." Mc:ron Technology Inc. Friends may call to pay their respects from 4 to 8 p.m. AAcr the package passes, “somc- .body's go ing to be in control of that ■ kid'=ll Hirii s not going to be the kid if he violates the law,” Damngton said. Celia Gould served on the juve- nilc-justicc committee with Darrington this summer. SATURDAY DECEMBER » i Hii M, year-oia l UDo ana car wasn sor Andrus OKs voter registration requirement — ,ln one of his "Voting is a fundamental right so-called Motor-Voier law that nnai otticial aci.s in 14 years as and responsibility, and voter regis- requires voter rcgisiraiibn to be r---i encouraged by offered when drivers apply for Cecil Andrus ha.s signed an cxecu- governmental entities at all levels." licenses or when people apply for ivc order requiring voter regbstra- Andru.s said in announcing the o/der public assistance like welfare and lion services at all slate agencies on Thursday, He leaves office on food .siamp.s. ^ jju, while the details of the ■ Tk ' I -10PM int orucr. Campgrounds fill up quickly, and many are fully booked in a matter of weeks. "‘•"-Wi^etitoton LV - ^^Mraafarmhmber.'of the Buhl ’-Baptist '. Combined with weaker personal income lax withholding, -that -prompied-the fit si J cclhiir1n~^Si the state's accumulating cash surplus in the current budget year. Parks Department offers state park passports for $15 TWIN FALLS - 'Tis the season for after-Christmas sales and the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation is offering S25 Annual Passport stickers - valid in all state parks - for all state parks for only SI 5. Like most good deals, the discounted park passes will be on sale for a limited time only. 3 1 , The passes make sense for people who visit state parks more than seven times a year. Filer mayor appoints Aslett to fill city clerk vacancy FILER - Mayor Russell "Bud" Sheridan has appointed a new city clerk. city clerk, for the past year and a half, has been appointed to fill the posi- tion vacated by Debbie Kauf Tman. Hospitals MAGIC VALLEY REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER Some names arc omitted at patients' request. ; He-w«t-b6m Junor30,-1928,- In- I Hepler.^K^.'Tthe' Irv Ir) - Inez Quiof(i On'Jan:'24^:t960, he I • married Fern. ing has been on a rollcr- Voasler since the budget year begtm. No daily entrance fee is collected from vehicles, with Annual Passport stickers; without the pass, daily admis- sion is $2 per vehicle. who Ic A the city to work in the county asses- sor’s office. Admitted Jewel Depew of Jerome; and Angela Heaton of Rogerson. Laurel Nay, Leona Wilkie and Linda Burch, all of Heybum; and Joel Coner and Dud Crowell, both of Rupert. Amu- exceeding expecta- tions in July and August, it fell nearly S3 million short of projections in September, recovered strongly lo exceed expectations by $4.5 million in October only to fall 51.6 mil- lion below the benchmark last month.

Annual Passports are available at all Idaho_ state parks. ‘"(Kauffmaa) did a super job for the I •city and she will really be missed around here,’’ Aslett said^ [ City officials will be taking applica- I tions until Jnn. to find a replacement for the deputy city clerk position Icfi vacant by Aslelt's'promotion. in Burley, with Bishop Robert Blakcs Icc officiating. CASSIA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Honofre Rodriguez of Burley: Madona Flores and Darren Jemzseh, both of Rupert; Urry Moore and Jerry Vickers, both of Heybiun; ana Jeny Morrell of Oakley. Released Laurel Nay and baby girl and Kenneth Duel, all of Released Byron Heinze, Christine Herman, Harry Reas and Heybum. Withholding collections were running just 1.3 percent ahead of the forecast at the end of November, and analysts pointed out that withholding in future months could decline further due to new withholding tables issued by the Tax Commission this month.

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to the Magic Valley’ One-time guberna- torial candidate Ron Rankin says the pro- gram amounts to "cor- porate welfare for developers," He's vowing to fight any ^'ort by Kootenai County to give similar break.s to Micron, And in Boise, the Legi.slaiure could bar cities from extending tax-increment llnane- ing to corporation.s - or at least limit the programs. Tlie'Miigic Val/and Kootenai County are two of 1.3 areas on Micron’s short for a new Si. • members Iasi week that the incentive pro- scmiconduct. "We don't offer that to She calls the fix breaks "-in -ib • 1 cj;an,body.” Mc Alindin ,aid. :;; that to s we think arc a good it comes to our revenues." By Sean L. today at White Mortuary In Twir The family suggests memorial contributions maybe made to the Flier l OOF Building Fund, In care of Tom Lancaster, Route 2. The system, Dorrington says will be "faster and smoother, and we hope that the punishment will be swi A arid sure.” “We want kids to fear the juvenile justice s)^tcm. She soys reform will be at the forefront of the new legislative session. eiicciive on bunday, the state s first experience with' provided, it iippeared to esseniiallv ca I. 8’s record Idaho’s voter regisiraiion i.s eur- inc Slate s chief election officer, dcniial election turnout. Adrian, Sieve Agtc, Marie .'Mhenson, Theresa Alhriglii.

The Association of • Idaho Cities told its e used spar- Bui Rankin such paekage.s should require voter approval before they become binding on adiy. Rankin's proposal will be on the ballot in Post Falls on Feb. and he'.s also pledging to fight Micron in Railulnim. .3 billion •;jv-miconductor plant that would employ ‘You can’t tell me Micron needs to have taxes skimmed off. gram could come under attack during ihc 3.500 peonie ,b Lli„s lax'i,,"ran'a,‘i Twin Falls Jerome, offer ihe pro _gra[ns.,or arc.creaiing ta.vincremen Lplans, Tax-incremcni financing allows cities : to Create urban-renewal agencies that pro- vide money to help businesse.s. Mc Carthy Tinics-News writer TWIN FALLS - With tlic Twin Falls getting scripus-consideration for a SI. he said, "Based on the results of this study and your sense of public opinion, you will need to make a decision to cither continue or witlnlruw ihc.ciiy’s propo.s- •jl; Courtney advised the council. She predicts the conuniltec’s pro- p dnu\ a diverse [Hipii- laliun to Ik a sueeess, Minidoka Coimiy Commissioner Joint Reiiisl Krg s;iid, "N’ou wottkl have to he able to drive a tractor onto the stage.", Remsberg s;ml. Shirley I’ovlsen blamed the low iiini-»nil on the holidays, . vehicle dei eloper w ill invest in the site to help it pay for it, I’oylsen saiil the fouiulalion has received mucli public approviil aiul sonic ilonaiions fiir ilie long-term project, alreaily in the works for five years, ami that booking at the Burley i ligli Seluiol audiloriinn is tight. S on state agencies to coordi- Election Day instant registration that implement many of the provisions naie rcgistxation services with the produced on.addiiional 31.000 voi- of the Motor-Voter law. rontiu ■•viito'it “ RUl Mi R’I' • Miaidoka Memorial Hospital iidmlnisiraior Randy Moloni coiirmned Thursday iliai he lias resigned, Ilnlimi. wlio hits been with the luis- piial lor live years, he will stay at Minidoka for the ne.\i six inonilis’ In the ineaiitime, he pliins'iu do sopie job lumiing at other hospitals, lie said. Burley, Idaho 678-5149 On South Overland the state's chief election officer, dential election turnout.

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