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You do things that character likes (saving puppies, not being a cannibal, being generally a nice person), then go through three progressively-harder skill checks as their affection for you grows.At each of these stages, your character’s Charisma skill is compared against a difficulty threshold, a virtual die is rolled, and you’re told if your flirting’s succeeded or not.

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You, the player, operate under a different set of rules to the rest of the world, and therefore the availability of same-sex relationships or polyamorous relationships is both exclusive to you and an exception rather than the norm.This becomes even more obvious if we take a closer look at non-player characters, since (narratively) they act purely under the constraints of the developer’s intended setting, and are not in a unique position of privilege like the player character.Right off the bat, the player character is established as being happily married to a different-gender spouse.Thus, plenty of articles talk about ’s inclusion of bisexual and polyamorous “romances”.This implies a sort of cookie-cutter approach to relationships, one that is mechanically completely accurate.In , your character’s driving motivation is to look for your son, who was taken away as an infant by a nefarious shadowy organization some time ago.

Absolutely no prizes for guessing who turns out to be the main villain in the nuclear wasteland.

allows for same-sex relationships, but not queer ones; simultaneous relationships, but not polyamorous ones.

The distinction is that, in both cases, the latter requires more thought and deliberation than what can be found in this game.

To create an attractive dating profile, you’ll want to write an attention-getting bio.

Attach a handful of unique photos to your account as well.

Your character, male or female, begins the game in a loving heterosexual marriage, a picture-perfect nuclear family complete with baby boy and robot butler.