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Unfortunately, all they find is one guy who happens to still be a virgin. "Would you take a bet where the loser has to masturbate for the winner? and he lost."[F4M] Do NOT Jack Off to This [FDomme][cum in pants][sweet][condescending][teasing]multifaceted evil queen with a handjob for good measure Kneel at my feet…[F4M] Kneel Before Your Queen [FDom][fantasy][teasing][whispers][evil queen][handjob][jerking sounds][cum play][wet sounds][binaural] and [rape] just in case62587And this one is part 4[F4M] Training Part 1: The Chamber [FDom] [ASMR] [Sensory Deprivation] [Teasing] [Body Writing] Description: You've finally made it to training. Part 5[F4M] Training Part 2: The Choice Description: Part of the 'Watching Series'. Christmas Baby [F4M] [Impreg] [Lap Dance] [Strip Tease] [Christmas Wish] [Romance] [Humor] [Dirty Singing] [Give Me A Baby] [Husband/Wife]Description: You asked me what I want for Christmas, right?They decide to help him get over his fear of talking to pretty women with a game of truth or dare. Sit down on the bed, and let's get your clothes off. Well, I have a little song to sing you about what I want.

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Expect downtimes of up to 5 hours while data center power feeds are upgraded. And maybe you should wonder what kind of slave I'll be making you into next.62393Not easy to find them, especially the more specific stuff. Don't worry I made sure to get the strap-on in the picture as well. I've had this one for a while but I didn't know if you'd be willing to do it. Your friend's mother is not pleased but she happens to have some psychological techniques to reverse-condition those improper impulses you have toward her daughter…script here Ch EI catch my son's best friend in my bathroom, sniffing my green satin panties. I'll just stand in front of you and take the rest of my clothes off. And don't forget you can't stop unless I tell you to. I made sure to get your face in some of them though - when you were on your back with your legs in the air. And while you do that let me tell you about another one of my fantasies. You've had your hands where they shouldn't be and now you've got to face the consequences. I love the idea of sucking a big thick cock while you watch me. Be Careful What You Wish For[F4M] Be Careful What You Wish For [JOI][FDom][Games][Instructions][Edging][Denial][Post Orgasm Torture][Breath play][Ball slapping] [Countdown][Humiliation][script fill][Long][not so Sweetie][Evil]this one has 3 parts[F4M] As my best friend…Its your job! Dinner takes an interesting turn when it becomes apparent just how sexually open her family is. I have the power to put your whole life in jeopardy. to me.[f4f] Tasting my BFF for the first time [friends to lovers] [sweet] [first girl-on-girl experience] [kissing] [body worship] [pussy licking] [making you cum by rubbing my breasts/nipples against your clit][F4M] Corrupting My Virgin Little Brother [incest][light FDom][SPH][wet sounds][blowjob][handjob]A big sister torments her virgin little brother for taking an abstinence pledge, then talks him into giving into her.[F4M] Caught in the Panty Drawer [JOI] [Panties] [Mutual Masturbation] [Countdown]Pretty sure this is every panty fetishist's dream - having an SO who's not only open-minded, but very much into your kink. ][Okay…Daddy][No age]It is in the job description…You gotta help. Robinson's Improper Offer [mother-in-law][dirty talk][cum][cheating][creampie][wet sounds][kissing][slurping][tongue play] [blackmail] [rape]Dinner at the Robinson's - your girlfriend's parent's. You've been taking things slow which has been frustrating to you, but you want her to feel comfortable… From the feeling of the air against your skin you are completely naked. Her pleading eyes looking up at you as she follows my commands.

But you know you can always say no, I can't really hold you to that promise. You move your arms and find they are bound above you with chains. decked out like a puppy, crawling on her knees and elbows because they are bound up.

I kinda like the idea of having you under my control. Well, I guess it's only dark because of the blindfold you're wearing, but specifics aren't important.

I'll just wrap my hands around your cock and stroke you. I'm sorry…I'm sorry…I'm sorry…[F4M][and F] I made your girlfriend my bitch. [Rape][Fdom][Crazy ex GFE][Sound FX][Binaurals][23 minutes][Blowjob sounds][Licking][Whispering][ASMR][Puppy play][Extreme][Crying]Description: You wake up in a dark room.

We've been exploring all the kinky fantasies I have, and don't get me wrong I'm loving it. I can still picture you - bent over with my thick strap-on inside you. Anyway, if you enjoy being the bitch there are several clips you would like.[F4M] Little Sister Catches You Masturbating [Adlib] [FDom] [Femdom] [Breathplay] [Degredation and humiliation] [Harsh] [Tsundere] [JOI] [Ruined Orgasm] [Kind of rusty and not the best I'm sorry! In which I'm a bratty little sister annoyed with her big brother on a long car trip.63867those pictures are not related to the audio.

I turned her into a puppy girl, and used a dildo shaped after your cock to keep her happy as she crawls around.

(gasping for air) I'll eat the broccoli…I'll eat as much as you want…(panting, crying)…bags and bags of it just…stop…let me-(rough facefucking sounds)(crying)I'm your little girl…please…Daddy this is wrong…stop hurting my mouth…(rough facefucking sounds)(crying loudly)Daddy it's gross…(crying)…please stop putting your thing in my mouth…please I don't want your milk…(crying)…Daddy…nooo…noooooooo…I won't open wide…oh god…PLEASE…(crying)…NO…no…not harder…please(rough facefucking sounds 20sec)(crying, pathetic sounding)I can't breath…Daddy…I don't want your milk…please…I really really don't want it(rough facefucking)(crying)It's too big, your thing is too big…Daddy I'm your little girl…please…please-(rough facefucking sounds)(crying)(gasping for air 5sec)I'll be a good girl…I'll swallow it…just stop hurting me Daddy…(rough facefucking 30sec , until he finishes in her mouth )(panting 20sec)I-I'm sorry…sir…I promise I won't be bad again…(softly crying 20sec)(voice getting quieter and quieter)I'm sorry….