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Accomodating student

The Teaching Centre will work closely with the Accommodated Learning Centre to ensure that exam accommodations that include Moodle exams have the proper accommodations made. Learning Strategies are offered by both the Accommodated Learning Centre and the Student Success Centre.

When considering makeup assignments for a student, consider the following statement by Elder Dale G.In 2011 house-type dormitory №7 was built in the complex "on Lesnoy prospect", in 2015 comfortable dormitory №8 was placed into service in the complex "on Ploshchad Muzhestva".In SPb PU campus dormitories students live with 2, 3 or 4 persons in each room.Regarding room reservation and guests’ accommodation apply for the administration of the secondary service complex.For students to live a comfortable, active and interesting life in dormitories there are tennis and fitness rooms, classrooms, launderettes, broadband Internet and digital TV access. There are also sportsgrounds, sports clubs and a student union on the campus territory.Accommodation is where you live or stay, especially when you are on holiday or when you are staying somewhere for a short amount of time.

In British English, accommodation is an uncountable noun.

Accommodations for students who cannot meet the attendance requirement are varied and are up to the individual teacher as he or she seeks the guidance of the spirit.

On this topic, the says: “When makeup assignments are required, they should be given to bless and not punish the student.

The Accomodated Centre offers registered students access to the assistive technology needed to achieve success in their academic program.

A consultation with our Assistive Technologist is available to determine technologies best suited to the learning needs of the student.

Specific assignments are determined by the teacher and should generally be related to the work missed.