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Back dating my bill on verizon wireless

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And streaming an hour of music a day will add up to almost 2GB over 30 days, according to Verizon Wireless’s Data Calculator. Actual data usage varies by app and streaming quality. Best Family Cell Phone Plans - Nerd Wallet Sound confusing? So we broke down the data usage for some of your favorite apps. Spotify• Normal: Uses around 0.7MB per minute, so you can listen to roughly 24 hours of music for 1GB of data.• High: Uses around 1.2MB per minute, so you can listen to roughly 14 hours of music for 1GB of data.

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On Facebook, for example, videos in your feed automatically play as you scroll.On an i Phone, that information is in “Settings” under “Cellular.”How to keep your data in check Adjusting your settings is one of the best ways to reduce your data usage without really changing how you use your phone.This needs to be done in each app, though you can focus on the ones you use the most.Facebook and Instagram• Roughly 2MB per minute, with video autoplay turned off.It would take more than 8 hours to burn through 1GB of data.But watching videos or uploading photos or videos will use more data.

To see how much of your data is used by these apps, look no further than your own phone.“Operating systems allow customers to get a better experience by offering more detailed data about data,” says Jackie Mc Carthy, director of regulatory affairs at trade group CTIA-the Wireless Association.

That means you can stream and download and upload to your heart’s content without cutting into your data plan allotment.

If you always listen to Spotify on your commute, download your playlist while you’re home and connected to Wi-Fi, then you can listen in offline mode and save your data for something else, suggests Phil Burrows, a spokesman for Verizon Wireless. Educate yourself on how you use your phone by looking at the data breakdown in your device settings.

At that rate, you’d burn through close to 1.5GB in an hour.

Netflix• You’ll use about 1GB per hour if streaming in standard definition and as much as 3GB per hour if streaming in HD.

“Take a look in the settings to see how individual apps behave.”Most phone models break down how much data you use on each app.