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Bam dating

Meanwhile, Bam has been posting on Instagram during his phone privilege time in rehab.

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If only she had waited a couple more months to break into his house and sneak into his bed in the middle of the night, she might have had a chance!The cameraman was obviously a bit shaky but fortunately Bam can be detected on stage facing Nicole in a grey hoodie, tattered dark wrap and shades while another guy in black hat and garb appears to officiate.Bam Margera has been arrested for DUI after allegedly approaching police officers, who are said to have detected the scent of alcohol on the reality star.In case you hadn't heard, after the MTV star was pulled over for driving with a cell phone, police gave him a field sobriety test — and he failed. Photo: Bam Shares First Hospital Pic Of Newborn Son Phoenix Wolf Because this is the skater's first offense of this kind, it's unlikely he'll face jail time.Thankfully nothing worse happened while he was behind the wheel!The pricey "punk" beer took aim at Tennent's Lager (the beer yer actual punks are likely to drink) in the name of "Wednesday Wisdom", a Twitter trend where users share a little bit of insight every week.

Bam Margera may have agreed to go to rehab last week, but that doesn't excuse his dangerous behavior. City Attorney's Office has officially filed two charges against Bam — driving under the influence and driving with a .08 or higher blood alcohol content.

Margera soared to stardom after appearing on MTV's Jackass and his very own series, Viva La Bam.

He now lives in Barcelona with his wife Nicole Boyd.

Bam has yet to comment on the matter through any social media, so we're not sure what's going through his head, but we have a feeling he won't be going to Missy's divorce party.

Noluntu Bam the long-serving Ombud for Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services (FAIS), who, among many other laudable acts, ordered a host of financial advisers to compensate the victims of imploded property syndication schemes, is stepping down.

He served the Short-term Insurance Ombudsman as assistant ombudsman from 2000 to 2007.