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Beach dating jewish miami north

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Instead of a hotel, we rented a house in North Miami Beach from “Florida Kosher Villas“.There are others who do it, but this person had the largest selection of houses and most professional website. There were two important differences: 1) price, 2) Judaism.

Further, Surfside, which the local Jews consider part of the Bel Harbour Jewish community, has a plethora of kosher restaurants (see next section). That’s as far as we made it, where we found more beautiful beaches with water so calm it was warmer than a bathtub.As an over-generalization, the further south, the longer the mishaberachs and shorter the shemonei esrei.As you go north, the shorter the mishabereachs and the longer the shemonei esrei to give a sense of the nature of the different synagogues.The North Miami Beach Kollel website is the only place I have found many minyan times for the community listed together.The community is made up over about seven different kehillas, almost all right near NE 10th ave.Originally, it was a winter retreat for Northerners.

(Now it’s an all year retreat for Northerners.) The community hasn’t quite figured out the internet thing yet, but walk into a few shuls and have some conversations with people and you can figure out most of the minyan times.

You don’t have to feel like you’re “compromising” on your Judaism when you’re there and get all the amenities of a typical house rental. North Miami Beach is one of many different Jewish communities in South Fliorida, all in the right 1/4 of the state.

The left 3/4 is reserved for the birds – the Everglades is huge.

If you’re into Bel Harbour / Surfside and being in a hotel near the beach, then there’s a Young Israel in the area with daily minyanim and some Chabads.

Young Israel and Chabad both seem to be very big in the Miami area.

It’s a non-pretentious community of almost exclusively one floor, three bedroom houses.