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Written by Bill Black, with pencils by Bill and Chris(Ant-Man) Allen and inks by Mark Heike.Finally, STARSDUST fights solo in “A Matter Of Matter”, written by Andrew Hawnt, with pencils by exciting newcomer Florentino Cuevas II and inks by Francesco Savi.

Plus, artwork by Charles Nicholas, King Ward, Joe Sinnott, Bill Molno, Sal Trapani, Vincent Alascia, Bill Montes and others- 28 full stories in all.V stops a domestic terrorist cell with the help of an old ally from World War II, written by Andrew Hawnt, with art by returning fan-favorite Jacob Bear.Then, when a misguided scientist’s study goes terribly wrong (that happens a LOT, doesn’t it? ) that brings the worst nightmares of any human it encounters to life in “A Matter Of Matter”, also written by Andrew Hawnt, with art by Francesco Savi.AIRBOY joins in with another long story by the artist most associated with the feature, Fred Kida. After that, it’s Senorita Rio from Fight #71, her last Golden Age appearance; SUICIDE SMITH from Wings #107, with art by Al Hollingsworth, DON STUART and the FAR EAST RANGERS from Rangers #2, ESPIONAGE (drawn by the great Will Eisner) from Smash #7, and BLACKHAWK from BLACKHAWK #105, drawn by Dick Dillin and Chuck Cuidera.MOM #107’s three first-timers are an especially illustrious lot.Stardust must find a way to control a sample of living material from outer space run amuck without destroying it.

All totalled, it’s another 80 pages of “good girl” art action and adventure, in sparkling black and white inside a full-color Will Meugniot cover. A fascinating anthology compilation of “The Great and the Not So Great” among the costumed adventurers of comic books’ Golden Age.

Then there’s Jack Cole on MIDNIGHT; Sheldon Moldoff on KID ETERNITY; Paul Gustavson on RUSTY RYAN, Dan Zolnerowich on The JESTER and ESPIONAGE starring The BLACK X; Rafael Astarita on SAMAR; Klaus Nordling on LADY LUCK, Art Pinajian on INVISIBLE JUSTICE; John Spranger on BETTY BATES, plus CHIC CARTER, T-MAN and more, including first-time MOM feature characters MAGNO (the Quality version of Magno, drawn by Paul Gustavson from Smash Comics) and BLAZE BARTON (with art by H. Kiefer, from an early issue of Hit Comics), for the completists and historians among our AC readers. Next, Bossman Bill Black is back with the first half of a way-out and woolly retro-story starring MISS VICTORY set in the 1950’s- “The Fiendish Plot Of Dr. ” Bill does script and layouts ( with Dan Gorman and Jeff Austin executing finished art) on this tale of Cold War intrigue and super-powered dopplegangers, to be concluded in FF #183.

All this adds up to a full 140 pages of slickly-illustrated superheroics, action and adventure not seen anywhere since these stories were initially published in the 1940’s and early 1950’s; in crisp, clean black and white, between full color covers. Dynamic creator Rock Baker is back writing and drawing a feature-length episode of his iconic creation, DINOSAUR GIRL, in a never-previously-told tale of her later (post-growing-powers) carrer called “Return”, guest-starring the enigmatic operative known as The DISCIPLE.

Awesome ink finishes on this gripping saga provided by Jeff Austin.

Then, the surprise hit of FF #181, the classic action heroine from yesteryear, NYOKA The JUNGLE GIRL is back in a previously-unpublished cliffhanger (guest-starring onetime FF member The BLOND BOMBER )originally written and drawn years ago, “Sting Of The Hooded Serpent”; script by Bill Black, pencils by Larry Nadolsky, and inks by Jeff Austin.

If reader reaction warrants it, we may continue the serial in upcoming issues.