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He was a storyteller, a feminist and an environmentalist.

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He has endeared himself to the psychedelic community by way of his earnest and sci-fi-like descriptions of DMT, which has helped to assemble a new psychedelic vocabulary. Mc Kenna touched land somewhere, met some little elves, and came back to tell us about it.In his works, it’s clear that Mc Kenna was a student of many things besides botany and entheogens.He was a renaissance man, capable of lecturing on literature, history, Western and Eastern philosophy, linguistics, anthropology, ecology, shamanism, chemistry, biology.Mc Kenna advocated for the “legalization of nature.” He thought it was dangerous to forbid access to any plant medicine.But he wasn’t ignorant of the addictive nature of heroin and cocaine, modern inventions that need regulation.The body's immune system goes into overdrive and begins to attack itself, causing healthy tissue and organs to shut down. “When I was feeling better they told me I was lucky to be alive.” Each year there are around 123,000 cases of sepsis in England.

He spent fours day in Southport Hospital in July last year where doctors treated him with antibiotics. “I was on 24 hour observation with two drips in my arms constantly. According to the NHS, around 37,000 people die every year as a result of the condition.

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“And one day I bit the skin down the side of my nail. “I was in work throughout the week and started to get flu-like symptoms which were gradually getting worse.

Luke, who has two sons aged six and five, went home from work on Friday vowing to rest over the weekend. I went to bed on Friday night and work up at 2pm the next day,” he said.

There is the issue of the Timewave Theory, where, combining historical events with the I Ching, he predicted the end of the world (or ‘beginning,’ somehow, it’s unclear) on December 21, 2012. And now, many others have taken Mc Kenna’s lead, manning their own expeditions into the psyche.