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Both paid plans (Unlimited, $4.99/mo and Premium, $9.99/mo) are more expensive than competitors (e.g.

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On most online dating sites, there’s no incentive to connect with someone right away.Can be really great for discovery since the radio often is the channel for releasing new songs; however, the radio is also subject to overplaying a lot of popular songs, hampering the discovery opportunity Really easy to use - just set it on your station of choice and go; even detects what city you are in and will auto-play that station for you.But also nice for people missing their hometown radio stations with its easy station search and play functionality.The couple in question is the dating site and the daily deals site, which have come together as a new dating service called Coffee Meets Bagel (launched April 17 in New York).Arum Kang, founder and Harvard Business School graduate (along with her 2 sisters Dawoon and Soo), was inspired by three goals: Out of those objectives, Coffee Meets Bagel was born. After receiving the daily email, users can review their match's photos and basic profile information (like age, employment, and astrological sign), then "Like" the match or "Pass" on it.We wanted to create a company and a brand that’s exciting and that people can look forward to interacting with.”Ms.

Kang thinks that receiving a once a day email will provide users with something to look forward to, without inundating their inboxes with low-quality matches.

The service takes the static profiles, matching algorithms, rating systems, random searching, and copy/pasted messages out of online dating by blending traditional dating services with the daily deal business model. Coffee Meets Bagel matches users with friends of friends by linking through Facebook authentication, eliminating the worries of meeting strangers and - hopefully - increasing the quality of the dates you're matched with. If you "Pass," you're asked to leave feedback for the person you passed on and the process begins again the following day.

Rather than searching through a database of potential dates, Coffee Meets Bagel users receive one date per day, delivered directly to their inboxes at noon on the dot. If you "Like" the match, you'll be set up with a private phone line for 7 days, which can be used to set up an in-person meetup.

If there’s a mutual like–meaning that both users liked each other’s profiles–you’re both sent a text message through a private line that allows you to talk to each other for up to seven days without exchanging contact information.

Through that line, you can either plan a date or exchange numbers to plan one for the future.

Coffee Meets Bagel works like this: users sign up using Facebook connect so that the site can privately match you with mutual friends.