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Daniele donato and nick dating

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Let’s just go home.” This season's win might come down to finale-night speeches. Oh my God, my final-two speech — first of all, I had just turned 21, so I was a little kid who was naive at the time. I kind of already knew I was going to lose by the jury questions and their reactions.

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Julie Chen said that booking an all-showmance season would be a nightmare, and the demands would be high.season 17 finale is a day away, and while one person will be crowned the winner, two will lose out on the $500,000 prize.Of those two, one will be this season's runner-up, and although they'll be $50,000 richer, they are still likely to be haunted by losing the coveted title.In order to win, what do they need to say in their finale night speech?As a specific juror, some people go in there saying, “I’m going to ask this person this question, and if they answer this way, I’m voting for them.Among them was Dick "Evel Dick" Donato and his daughter Daniele, both of whom competed and won Big Brother 8.

It was looking like we were in for another season of Evel Dick's entertainingly obnoxious antics inside the Big Brother house.

How do you think this season compares to your two seasons in terms of entertainment value? I’m not just saying this because of myself — I was probably one of the more boring people — but every character was so dynamic.

Seasons six and eight, and obviously seven, those have been the three best casts of all time because they were so dynamic all over the board.

If they don’t, I’m not.” That’s some people, and other people already have their mind set of who they’re voting for and who they’re not. Coming in second place, imagine how much that would haunt you for so long being runner-up. Who will face the forever haunt of coming in second place this season? Would you watch a season with Daniele, Eric, Diane, Donny and Nicole back in the game?

It’s kind of 50-50 where your speeches don’t really matter, but more along the line of the answer to the question a specific person is asking you might matter. She’s my favorite player of all time, and probably Donny [Thompson] and Nicole [Franzel]. From 13, obviously my husband, and Rachel, Brendon and Kalia [Booker]. Most of the people I’m friends with are the people who haven’t kept up with the game too much and are more normal. I had more fun in the house as a whole season eight, but I enjoyed the experience a little bit more the second time in season 13. Every day for a really long time you think, “What did I do wrong?

Which runner-up in the past deserved to win over the winner? () I feel like there have been quite a few that don't necessarily deserve to win. Do you stay in touch with people from both of your seasons?