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Dating a nerdy chick

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well, what better way to avoid ever having to face that scenario is there than to invent a collection of traits and personality quirks that come together so rarely as to be almost non-existant?Now you’re not afraid to approach women, you’re just waiting for isn’t going to show up at the comic book store next week anyway?

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Because of their own self-imposed isolation, geeks can find that their social skills have dwindled to the point that they have difficulty holding a normal conversation with , never mind women.Geeks have an unfortunate tendency to be poorly socialized outside of their own peer group, which makes finding a relationship even more difficult.Women are already arousing and intimidating objects of desire in geek culture; trying to socialize with them is venturing in to true and there be dragons. It’s worth noting that the Geek Girl is different from a girl who is a geek.At one point in her life she was the cute girl you saw at the comic store having a conversation with the clerk about Warren Ellis… She will never think that your love of comics is childish. She is now what you will compare all other women to She is the Platonic Ideal and all other women around are just the shadows flickering on the cave walls. After all, being “in love” with this geek Goddess elevates and find the secret to her heart.but now she represents everything you wish you could find in a woman. She doesn’t so much as poop, fart, menstruate or scratch herself. Her hair is always perfect, even right when she wakes up in the morning. She’ll love you because of your love for the Tom Baker era Dr. Worshiping her, orbiting around her like a trapped asteroid, the tortured nights alone in your room crying the manly tears of unrequited love… She’s a fetish, an you are paying her the ultimate compliment when instead all you are doing is denying her her own personhood.She’ll be enchanted by your stories about how your guild was the first to raid the Lich-King.

You can wow her with your knowledge of Joss Whedon quotes and Pixar trivia!

She’s clutzy in an endearing way, she wants you to protect her and yet she still wants to fuck your brains out. When you combine this feeling of someone denying everything that you are with the social ostracism and humiliation that geeks have often experienced, it’s small wonder that geeks can turn this fear of rejection into a full-blown phobia.

She’s the living personification of a checklist of desirable traits, all crammed into one person. And when you’re absolutely terrified of women, when your heart begins to pound and your body begins to shake at the very of trying to ask a girl out on a date…

The Geek Girl is the culmination of geek fantasies.

She’s the one with the Triforce tattooed on one wrist and the 1-Up mushroom on the other.

She’s the one the thick-framed cat-eye glasses and the purple bobbed hair.