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you don’t work a century in this business without picking up a thing or two over the years. treat our customers as partners, whether their doors have yet to open or customers have been lining up at them for years. from start to fi nish, they deliver, offl oad and install with serious attention to detail, the kind that only experienced people and consistent project management can deliver – on your schedule. we don’t carry every product under the sun – it just looks that way. what hasn’t changed is this: well-equipped, well-planned and well-run facilities can feed more people, faster and more economically. our skilled designers bring the right mix of imagination and practical knowledge that creates facilities with optimum traffi c patterns, smooth workfl ow and maximum use of available space.

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des moines (515) 282-0033 minneapolis (612) 331-1300 atlanta (770) 594-2626 kansas city (913) 491-4999 we’ve been designing, installing and supporting successful foodservice operations for more than 100 years... h95⁄8 t27⁄8 b35⁄8 d35⁄8 1 doz./8# grand wine lib8978 8 oz. h87⁄8 t2 b23⁄4 d2 1 doz./6# napa count ry st em less red wine lib8771 81/2 oz. 3 doz./14# 3 doz./17# h41⁄4 t21⁄4 b23⁄4 d33⁄8 h41⁄2 t31⁄4 b23⁄4 d33⁄8 h53⁄8 t25⁄8 b21⁄2 d27⁄8 h55⁄8 t27⁄8 b23⁄4 d31⁄8 wine lib3757 101⁄2 oz. h61⁄2 t43⁄8 b3 d43⁄8 1 doz./8# footed rocks lib3746 51⁄2 oz. h61⁄8 t27⁄8 b23⁄4 d31⁄4 3 doz./15# white wine lib8764 8 oz. h41⁄8 t31⁄8 b23⁄4 d31⁄8 3 doz./18# footed rocks lib3747 7 oz. h73⁄4 t17⁄8 b23⁄4 d23⁄4 2 doz./10# vinaii dom aine e r a w r a b e r a w m e t s tall wine lib7510sr 16 oz. h51⁄2 t25⁄8 b23⁄4 d4 2 doz./14# brandy lib3709 22 oz. h9 t25⁄8 b31⁄4 d31⁄2 1 doz./7# grand wine lib7555sr 183/4 oz. h6 t31⁄8 b23⁄4 d33⁄8 h61⁄4 t21⁄8 b25⁄8 d25⁄8 h63⁄8 t23⁄8 b21⁄4 d33⁄4 h81⁄8 t2 b23⁄4 d21⁄2 3 doz./21# 3 doz./17# 3 doz./17# flute lib3795 6 oz. h6 t23⁄4 b27⁄8 d43⁄8 1 doz./8# h41⁄8 t2 b23⁄8 d27⁄8 h41⁄2 t21⁄4 b21⁄2 d33⁄8 e r a w r a b e r a w m e t s 10 embassy (continued) e r a w r a b e r a w m e t s martini lib3779 91⁄4 oz. o ur experienced staff understands the importance of the tiniest details. w e can out(cid:192) t your establishment from top to bottom.

w e offer the convenience of a single source for all of your needs. n o cutting corners customers trust h ockenbergs for more than great products and prices. but not everyone can tell you whether you need them or not, advise you on which ones work best for your unique situation, and help you put them into service in the most effective, ef(cid:192) cient fashion.

this one-man endeavor has since grown to become one of america’s leading dealers of foodservice equipment and supplies.

omaha (402) 339-8900 lincoln (402) 477-7800 fargo (701) 306-8669 denver (303) 466-6929 food service equipment & supply in 1985 tom schrack sr.

w e’ve been at this for more than a century, yet we still approach every day in business like it could be our last. experience, attention to detail and unparalleled personal service.

in other words: maximum value for our customers, whether they’re spending $100 or $1 million. if it bene(cid:192) ts food service, we will offer it.

h67⁄8 t77⁄8 b31⁄4 d47⁄8 1 doz./6# bristol valley chalice wine lib8565sr 81/2 oz.