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Drake hogestyn and deidre hall dating

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has a "tumultuous upbringing" due to his parents' ever-changing love lives, and their machinations as they fight each other for custody.

After a year hiatus, Will was reintroduced in 2009 with Dylan Patton as a sixteen-year-old, and then Massey (2010 to 2014, 2017–) took the character into adulthood.when Will was temporarily written out (by having the character go to live with his uncle and aunt in Switzerland).In addition, for one episode in January 2008, Gerse provided Will's voice for a phonecall.Will can be bitchy, like Sami", adding fun-to-play characteristics can be fun for the audience too, saying "audacity can be very entertaining"; In an on-set interview with Dominique Digital Massey enthused about the characteristics of Will that he loves playing, saying "I love how mad Will can get sometimes! And I love that he is fearlessly protective of Ari, his daughter.And he's not afraid to confront and embrace confrontation.The Sony Pictures web page for Will stated his "turbulent upbringing" made the young Will "moody and suspicious", In an early interview, Massey said Will is "a great guy ....

he kind of had an interesting upbringing, but he turned out to be a really good kid, very forgiving." Massey added: "He doesn’t like being lied to, definitely, but that happens all the time to him. Sometimes it seems like he is the parent in the relationship" (with his mom Sami); and in January 2015, in the midst of Will and Sonny's relationship difficulties, Will breaks his marriage vows, and has sex with his interview subject, the star baseball player Paul Narita (Christopher Sean) – who turns out to be Sonny's ex, At Will's revival in 2017, Massey noted how the character had changed, saying: "He has grown up to be very much like his mother Sami, which is fun to play.

Both NBC (the show's broadcaster in the USA) and Sony Pictures Entertainment (its international distributor) approved of the storyline.

Co-Executive Producer Greg Meng said "we are excited to have the encouragement and support from both NBC and Sony to tell the inspiring story of a young man learning who he is as he defines and creates his relationships with others." Massey told Entertainment Weekly that he was "thrilled" to play Will in an "empowering way that will show his struggle to accept who he is", and hoped the storyline would "inspire others to be true to themselves as well".

Massey told Jacobs of We Love Soaps that Will has a close relationship with Sonny, and Will looks up to and respects Sonny because Sonny has encountered hate but remains confident and comfortable with who he is.

Massey said Will admires these qualities in Sonny as "they are rare to see." In November 2011, Days of Our Lives announced that Will would be coming out as gay.

Amnesiac Will really likes that Paul accepts him as he is, without expectations of who he was before, and he spontaneously kisses Paul on two occasions.