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Elissa sursara dating justin bieber

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Beginning in October 2012, Sursara is a naval quartermaster on the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's flagship vessel MY Steve Irwin; aboard, Sursara is responsible for the ship's navigation, maintenance of nautical charts and maps and for applying helm the WWF with Miranda Kerr, Peter Garrett and Mat Mc Hugh of The Beautiful Girls, for WSPA Australia’s Humane Chain and Voices of Influence, and for Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors program.

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Sursara has worked professionally in a number of priority habitats, including Indonesia, South Africa, the Galapagos and Antarctica.

She works to promote improved standards of animal welfare for wildlife, marine life and domestic animals and to protect habitats and natural resources.

At fourteen, she was hired to host an educational morning show for children, Para Crianças on BC56, a Brazilian television station on a free-to-air network.