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I wanted something that looked cool, tasted extra rich, and it had to be something I wouldn’t make every day.Fortunately, even with multiple steps, it turned out to be a lot easier than it looks! I’ll admit, I couldn’t bring myself to tell my family what this thing was called.

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If you really like vanilla pudding, feel free to add a layer of your favorite kind before the chocolate layer.In fact, a couple of the layers usually include instant pudding. I knew there was a way to make it better and low carb – gluten-free, sugar-free, and made without questionable ingredients.It does include similar basic layers – pecan shortbread crust, cream cheese, chocolate, whipped cream, and shaved chocolate. (Maybe I should call it gluten-free chocolate lasagna instead?And they did all ask, because it doesn’t look like any other dessert people have seen before. Feel free to do the same if you’re in the same boat!You may be wondering why I’m sharing this chocolate layer dessert recipe , toward the end of January.The other aspect I struggled with was keeping the sex in a pan recipe under ten ingredients total. It actually came out to nine ingredients, although my original version had ten.

I skipped the vanilla pudding layer, because patience isn’t my strong suit.

I love this silicone cookie spatula, which is the perfect size.

Just remember, it will still taste delicious even if you mess up on the serving process.

I’ll get to how that went in a minute.)An easy sex in a pan recipe is a challenge when you are trying to keep it to real food ingredients and somewhat healthy.

I’m not going to lie, it’s definitely calorie dense and on the heavier side. And, it’s still pretty simple to make – no processed pudding mix required! Fortunately, I was able to repeat many of the ingredients among the different layers, so it worked out.

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