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Height difference dating

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Whether it is similar to a classic GZCL approach, an upper/lower split with biweekly undulation like The Rippler, or something more closely related to the GZCL UHF scheme.

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Start test day by warming up and then ascending in singles.(Shamefully they tend to do the same for their “coaching.”) These individuals perpetuate the confusion of this truly simple pursuit as a means to ensure income.This is my attempt to show that with some basic understanding of a few simple means to control intensity, volume, fatigue, quality, and effort anybody could program strength training in a way that is truly individualized, progressive, effective and sustainable.The first part of Applications &Adaptations detailed how an individual can use the blank template (provided in the excel file download) to build his or her own effective training program.Through my explanation of the tiers, potential progressions, and exercise selection the hope is readers of this can find a way that works best for them.For a long time I have been trying to make the world a stronger place.

Since writing the GZCL Method and Jacked & Tan I’ve received countless progress updates from people who have used those concepts to help improve themselves, their training partners, and clients.

This is not a coaching manual, but a general guide to strength training using a GZCL Method approach to programming.

Most of the lifting population can use these means to make long lasting progression; only needing to spend money when coaching and special equipment is needed or wanted.

The difference in total between the two meets was 1,432/648.7 (LB/KGS) at 165/75 at IPL Worlds to 1,466/664.1 at 166/75.5 at the American Cup; I had missed weight at the Fit Expo.

Not a huge improvement and nothing to brag about at the time.

Some equipment may benefit one lifter over another, but 800 pound squats can be accomplished without monolifts, bands, chains, or any reference to Bulgarian anything, likewise with Sling Shots and 600 pound benches.