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The first package of the DME will provide a major relief to the commuters in Delhi-Noida and starts from Nizamuddin Bridge to UP Border having a 6 lane Expressway and 4 4 lane Highway. Player of the Match award goes to Chennai Super Kings' Shane Watson in IPL Final 2018. Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha, Secretary, Ministry of AYUSH announced that Dehradun (Uttarakhand) has been selected as the venue for Mass Yoga Demonstration (Main Event) of 4th International Day of Yoga on 21st June, 2018................

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Iravi-Challamma (1108 CE) was the ruler of Bira-Bayalnad.Consequently, the British troops withdrew from Wayanad conceding to Tipu’s rule.In 1799, after the fall of Sultan, the British handed over Wayanad by the treaty of 1799 to the Raja of Mysore.The Edakkal Caves have 6000 year old rock engravings from the Neolithic age.Recorded history of this district is available from the 18th century.At the foot of the Edakal Male (hill) caves, Kannada inscriptions belonging to Kutumbiya clan of Mysore dating to c.

500 CE were discovered which read - 'Palapulitaanamtakaari', 'Sri Vishnu Varma Kutumbiya Kulavardhanasya li..a..'.

In ancient times, this land was ruled by the Rajas of the Veda tribe.

The Kutumbiyas: The two caves of Ampukuthimala (Edakal Caves) in Sulthan Bathery, with pictures on their walls and pictorial writings, speak volumes of a bygone civilisation.

The edicts and caves of Ambukuthimala and other evidences state that the place is as old as the beginning of the New Age Civilisation.

According to archaeological evidence, the Wayanad forests have been inhabited for more than 3,000 years.

The district was formed on 1 November 1980 as the 12th district in Kerala by carving out areas from Kozhikode and Kannur districts.