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Martina navratilova dating julia lemigova

She became the only player in the history to keep the rank in both double and single for more than 200 weeks.

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Martina and her newly wedded wife were accompanied by their children Victoria and Emma and Chris Evert former rival of Martina graced as maid of honor.She then adopted her stepdad's name and added feminine suffix “ova.” In her family, she has a sister named Jana and a half-brother.On Monday, December 16th, Martina Navratilova married her long-time girlfriend Julia Lemigova, something the 58-year-old tennis legend had hardly thought she would have achieved as a gay woman.The social media, the Twitter would not be part of our family,” Lemigova says.“When I see you on the Twitter, on the social media all the time, my romantic thing goes down.” RELATED VIDEO: Serena Williams Gives Birth Although Navratilova admits she uses Twitter a bit more than she should, the 18-time Grand Slam winner has a complaint of her own.As per wiki sources, Julia is former Russian beauty pageant holder and won final of Miss USSR title back in 1990 and also finished third in Miss Universe in 1991.

Upon asked about the marriage, Julia, who now runs a skin care company, said, The tennis legend described her cancer as the “personal 9/11” when she was diagnosed with a breast cancer in February 2010.

“Too many things bother her, is what bothers me about her …

Can I just go 24 hours without you picking on something that I do.

She even reached Wimbledon final for another record 12 times including nine consecutive years and ended up winning nine of those surpassing the eight Wimbledon titles of Helen Wills Moody.

The former Czech and United States tennis player boasts a net worth of $15 million and now plies her trade as a coach.

Former world no.1 found out that she had cancer in the left breast and was in line for grunting surgery and radiation.