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Outlook address book not updating blackberry

outlook address book not updating blackberry-14

Outlook Contacts provide flexibility and customization that are unavailable in the Personal Address Book.For example, add personal profiles for each contact, including birthdays, phone numbers, anniversaries, and website addresses.

You can choose to sync more items or click OK if you're done. Today's lesson will be on "How to Setup your Black Berry to Sync with Outlook." I see this question come up quite a few times and I also see that this could have saved a lot of people from having to start from scratch with their contacts, notes, calendars and tasks.I'm using a Bold on 5.0, but this shouldn't matter for all those with 4.2 or better. The desktop manager may be slightly different depending on your version, but once you have 4.5 or better you shouldn't see too much variation.You can change the default Address Book and set other address book preferences, such as which address book to check first when sending a message, and where to store personal addresses.To view address books other than the default, you must select them from the list of address books in the Outlook Address Book.The contacts visible in the Address Book will be associated with one or other of the Desktop or Unknown lists and not all will synchronize - either wirelessly or through the Black Berry Desktop Software.

The following steps can be performed on a Black Berry smartphone running Black Berry Device Software 4.5 or 5.0.

This is not the case with Black Berry OS version 6 and earlier.

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You can use the Outlook Address Book—a collection of address books or address lists created from your contact folders—to look up and select names, email addresses, and distribution lists when you address email messages.

If you use Outlook with an Exchange Server account, your address book list will include the Global Address List (GAL).

Frequently, wireless address book synchronization can cause multiple contact lists to be created on a Black Berry smartphone.