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Professor frink computer dating

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I think it all really depends on the people and maturity levels. How did this turn from someone being 2 years older to someone being legal? But how often has a high schooler dated a middle schooler and absolutely no one said as much as one tiny, little peep about it, regardless of their ages? anyone who says age doesn't matter, has never dated anyone younger or older than them.The name is not a coincidence; the professor character was in fact named after him before he joined the staff; he was a friend of former writers Jay Kogen and Wallace Wolodarsky." Although I agree that it does need a proper source (I think it has been mentioned in the commentaries).-- Scorpion Is there any official confirmation of what one of Frink's favoured gibberish words actually is? I haven't heard of that before, and Treehouse of Horror XIV gives his middle name as "Nerdlebaum." --Jnelson09 , 2 September 2006 (UTC) Religion in The Simpsons states that he's an atheist, and not Jewish. --Orthologist , (UTC) I don't know much about this character but I do know enough about Jewish people to know that you can be both Jewish and an atheist.They also said something about a political party's persuasion but I don't remember much about that aspect of the term.Billy Nair , 30 July 2007 (UTC) In the section designated 'personal life' one or more of the writers seems to have the mistaken immpession that all simpsons episodes corespond exactly to each other.In one of Treehouse of Horror (series), Lisa finds she created life from a tooth that fell out.

This life grows rapidly and you see their evolution from cavemen to Lutherans to a futuristic race.

I've gone on so called "dates" but all we did was go to a movie and then to Buffalo Wild Wings-not to steamy the best relationships are when you are friends hard to be friends with a girl? just find common ground with a girl to be her friend.

Somehow i always ended up friends with girls and nothing more, theres something feminine and non-threatening they see in me it really sucks.

(well, it was something like that.) I'm i n 9th grade too and I would not feel good about dating a "sevie" considering I babysat for someone 2 years younger than me.

I agree with Kupo-any age is fine as long as you are responsible. just act nicer around girls than you would around friends who are guys.

Personally I think that the detailed rationailizations for discontinuity should be removed beacause as we all know, many of the things in simpsons episodes do not line up exactly, nor do the writers of the Simpsons attempt to make it so.