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Pros cons dating younger women

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And this develops into a pattern of low expectations regarding relationships or of men who are in and out of a woman’s life that affirm her sense of low self-worth.This “low value, lowered bar/low expectations” logic is passed down through generations of black women, unless someone is able to break the cycle., demand that men who fathered their kids out of wedlock be inclined to spend money to help raise them.

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The idea that “a black woman needs to always work” doesn’t seem to be a behavior pattern shared with all black women or non-African American communities.Some black women, especially single black mothers, can’t afford to stop working even now.So forgive me if I give the long side-eye to people acting like women were happily in their own kitchens and living rooms during the 1950s.Allow black women to feel a sense of pride for their daughters who DON’T have to work, DON’T have to struggle and have found men who are happy to provide for them because to them, a black wife isn’t automatically a post-slavery work horse…but a woman they cherish and wife they are happy to protect, provide for, and value. Public speaking can be a lot of fun, especially when humor is included.If black people in the United States are mentally damaged as a result of slavery and white racism, it makes sense that they turn this in on themselves.

Rather than men being taught to value black women and be proud to work for and support them, the opposite becomes true: .

In fact, the people I see pushing this narrative most strongly are African American people and especially African American men.

One theory is that because of the condition of black people in America due to slavery, there doesn’t seem to be a memory in the collective African American consciousness of a time when black women work.

Or their white skin was able to open doors for them that their “black sisters” could not walk through, no matter how hard those black women were already working.

But I digress…The point is that people in America may be so hell-bent on a “black women are wrong if they want a man to provide for them” because they are obedient to imagery burned to the minds of previous generations: It was the doing all the work, all the chores, all the child-rearing while the white women of the house weren’t expected to do much of anything except be taken care of.

The minute a black woman opens her mouth to suggest she wants to be cared for out come the shamers and concern trolls in full force. There is nothing that brings groups of people together quite like the opportunity to tell a black woman if she isn’t a work horse for herself and others, she’s living life wrong.