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Queen noor dating

Since the death of their respective spouses, Noor has been devoted to the memory of King Hussein while Slim has erected a museum and other art projects dedicated to Soumaya.

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Time will tell and hopefully she can nab this one before it reaches the star system known as out-of-hand.It really looks as if she was shooting for the stars, reaching to the highest mountain top for the lips of Angelina Jolie or some other current or past stars who have presented that puffy style to the lips.The work wasn’t awful but for a queen it would really seem like maybe a little more effort may have been employed.The only common area they both frequent is the gym.Sources close to the couple claim they were born to be together."Semana" wrote that Noor and Slim - whose Banco Inbursa and Inmobiliaria Carso invested $250 million in media icon The New York Times in January - recently spent a weekend together in an exclusive resort at Las Villas of Cape Cana in the Dominican Republic.

According to people close to him, Slim, himself a widower for many years, has dedicated his life to business since the death of his wife, Soumaya.

Others have claimed that Noor and Slim have been dating for at least a year.

They have dinner with friends or at hotel rooms, it is said, entering and exiting through parking lots in order to avoid paparazzi.

One of the best ways to describe the look is that she appears to be wearing a mask, a frozen gesture caught in the balance of time.

Some of the other pics of her, which are in different lighting, almost give off the radiance of a porcelain doll, bearing the virtues of true perfection.

The thing that tricks the mind of many is that her looks have been waiver less, nothing has derailed her beauty, especially those quick and steady hands of time.