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Georgie recognizes that the women are suspicious but curious enough to meet with her.After Rosita joins them, she and Enid disarm the three women who allow them to do so without resistance.

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Georgie's group would visit various survivor communities and offer to exchange crates of food or phonographic records of music for Georgie's knowledge on how to make a better future.Georgie is an intelligent woman who believes that the future of the world can be found through humanity's past achievements and skills which have been mostly forgotten in the present day due to the onset of modern technology.Georgie has believed in this for so long, that she was working on putting together a book containing this knowledge even before the Apocalypse.When frisked at gunpoint, Georgie simply stated that she was not armed and offered no resistance, even when she was forcefully taken to the Hilltop.In conversing with Maggie's group, Georgie expressed a belief that the dead have brought out the best and worst in humanity, but the worst is outpacing the best at the current time.Georgie possesses a great enough knowledge of these matters to create plans and schematics by hand to put in the book.

In the post-Apocalyptic world, Georgie has a personality that is rarely seen amongst the survivors.

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Georgie provides Maggie with a copy of her book and explains what lies within, expressing faith that Maggie will put it to good use.

Maggie is stunned by Georgie's simple kindness and beliefs, something that contrasts so sharply with most of the people seen in the world following the zombie outbreak.

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