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Some of the vocal vegans are now activists bordering on thugs as they attempt to convince as many people as possible that consuming milk and dairy products is not necessary, not natural, and cruel.They are the equivalent of religious zealots who proclaim the virtues and health benefits of plant based milks, and vehemently hate dairy farmers and anyone who doesnt condemn meat and dairy farming.

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But my initial reaction is that it has upped the anti on fixed price contracts and has given everyone something to think about.What would the 1.5 million Maasai tribespeople from Kenya and Tanzania supposed to do, who cant grow crops and where cattle herding is essential?These and other subsistence farmers are totally dependent on producing meat and milk for survival and prosperity.As one journalist recently questioned: are they are supposed to start living on avocados and coconut milk grown thousands of miles from their homes?To be specific, what would Ireland do without cows?Finally, at the time of writing this article the news broke on Mullers new 28p, three-year fixed price deal on up to 50% of the milk for its directs.

On first glance it does look a very attractive price, and I expect the take-up will be quite high.

Now this comment wont be popular, but we need to re-think the treatment of bull calves because headlines like this do nothing to promote sales of our valuable product.

Its almost inevitable that more retailers and processors will impose blanket bans on the culling of calves at birth. Greenpeace, for example, is calling for a decrease in dairy production and consumption for a healthier planet and unless we do they claim we are putting our health, our childrens health, and the health of our planet at risk.

Are they now supposed to abandon all that and listen to grandiose vegan townies sat on their backsides on comfy sofas thousands of miles away in London?

The journalists article I refer to pointed out the ultimate irony, that while animal activists correctly decry the encroachment of the Amazon tribes traditional rainforest homeland, not one has connected the reality that those who preach vegetarian diets are encouraging the substitution of animal foods with plant proteins such as soya the cultivation of which is one reason Amazon tribes are being displaced!

Like all zealots they refuse to listen to any balanced arguments.