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Sudanese sex

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Many migrants from East Africa and the Middle East, including Yemenis and Syrians fleeing conflict, who transit Sudan en route to Europe are highly vulnerable to trafficking along this route.Some refugee and asylum-seekers from Eritrea and Ethiopia are abducted from Sudan-based refugee camps, eastern border regions, and Khartoum and transported to other countries, including Libya, for exploitative purposes.

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Migrants, unaccompanied minors, refugees, and asylum-seekers, primarily from East and West Africa, are highly vulnerable to sex trafficking and forced labor in Sudan.Disclaimer: is a automatic erotic search engine focused on free porn tube videos.We do not own, produce or host the videos displayed on this website.In March 2016, the media reported a Sudanese youth was allegedly sold by his uncle for forced labor in a mine in Libya.Some Sudanese citizens who migrate to Europe via Egypt are reportedly detained in the Sinai Peninsula; these individuals are highly vulnerable to exploitation and severe physical and sexual abuse.Children observed in gold mining are exposed to threats, physical and sexual abuse, and harsh and unsafe working conditions, with limited access to schooling or health services.

Unverified reports indicate South Sudanese children are seasonally contracted out or sold to families for agricultural work, particularly in agricultural states like West Kordofan; these children are vulnerable to exploitation.

Street children in Khartoum—including Sudanese and migrant children primarily from West Africa—who beg in the streets and work in public transportation and large markets are particularly susceptible to forced labor; some experience sexual abuse and extortion.

Human rights groups observe children working in brick-making factories, gold mining, and agriculture; these children are vulnerable to trafficking.

Eritrean nationals are abducted from refugee camps or at border crossings, extorted for ransom, and brutalized by smugglers primarily linked to the Rashaida tribe; some of those abducted are forced to perform domestic or manual labor and experience severe physical and sexual abuse, indicative of trafficking.

Sudanese police and border guards allegedly facilitate abductions of Eritrean nationals, some of whom are trafficking victims, and allow potential victims to be transported across security checkpoints or international borders without intervention.

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