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Webydo solves this problem with a sophisticated DMS (Design Management System) that liberates designers from their dependency on handwritten code or limiting DIY templates.

On June 4, 2013, Rock The Post's CEO, Alejandro Cremades, was invited to attend the Champions of Change ceremony hosted by the White House.Now, thanks to a startup based in both Israel and New Jersey, called Webydo, professional designers can create and manage cross platform websites without knowing one bit of code.More than 38 million graphic designers currently working to create professional websites are enslaved to an old process that depends on handwritten code.Phil is a 1st year Computer Science student at King’s College, London, where, he says, “the… We are now 250,000 entrepreneurs and counting :)@bentossell we launched yesterday the new Co Founders Lab platform which we have been working on very hard for the past year.One of the most success stories was Revolv, which was acquired by Google.

Their goal was to help entrepreneurs, including those without strong business connections, raise funds and gain exposure. Initially the platform offered projects that could receive funding or in-kind contributions (e.g., time and/or materials), but switched to equity and debt based funding only.

As of July 2014, startups launching on Onevest had collectively raised over $66 million.

Currently Co Founders Lab is one of the largest matchmaking service for entrepreneurs with over 80,000 entrepreneurs registered.

As a result, Rock The Post rebranded and Onevest was born.

In August 2015, Onevest completed self–crowdfunding on its own platform after raising a Series A round of financing of over $2M.

With the click of a button, an advanced HTML website is published online including a friendly built-in CMS (Content Management System) for the website owner. With Webydo, DMS plus its CMS integrated system, designers can finally focus on the creative side of web design.