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Trick online dating

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The way I see it is that online dating has just broadened the door of relationship exponentially which can be good or bad for you depends on how you see it.

Like there are a lot of scenarios which we have not even thought of before chatting like if you stay far from each other or if you are, kind of, well an Amish or anything that can get in the way in future which needs to be said before it is too late.Other than that there is chatting which can help you get a sense of the person and if than you feel comfortable you can go on a date with that person but even chatting can only get you so far.Reality check is to see if you can really work it out with this person for the long haul.Some dating site says it is a success because if they paired the two people together and they start exchanging messages then it is a success but some consider a marriage or a long term relationship as a success, to these people I would like to point out it is called dating for a reason because if it were meant forever then it would be a marriage and nowadays even that is not guaranteed.Another thing I would like to say about online dating is that it’s not that different from regular dating, it just added some step to a relationship like we are online dating then we are face to face dating and then we are in a relationship to marriage.Hence, I say sometimes they may match us with the right person, but sometime they may pair us with a person that we can’t even tolerate for a minute.

Hence the question is asked, does online dating work? This question in turn is answered by another question which is “Do we really know what we want?

One really bad thing about online dating is that people can lie on their profile like they say that they are 6 ft tall when they are really just 5’6” or something like that and the weird thing is no one can tell because well it’s online dating and not face to face yet.

The example I have used is the simple one which if you love the person you can get over it but some people lie about their age like old women lies to get young guys and the same goes for men as well.

So, one needs to consider a lot of things which are practical when going through the matching techniques, I know it doesn’t sound so romantic but it is what goes in the background and one of the biggest problem is no one can say how much you’re willing to do in the name of love because that cannot be calculated by any equation after all that’s the best thing about us humans.

Once we are matched with some people it is on us to send them a message or reply to someone for that matter which is what pre-checking is all about.

” Until and unless you’re absolutely sure that you have filled the form perfectly you can’t really say that online dating does or doesn’t work.