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Valerie bertinelli dating

When Valerie's 20-year marriage came to an end, she says she hid from the world and consoled herself through food.Valerie has now gone public with her lifelong battle with weight and is a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig™. But I don't know that it was the 40 pounds that kept me shameful.

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Even when she starred in One Day at a Time, Valerie says she was unhappy with her body and compared herself with her TV sister, Mackenzie Phillips. Soon after, she became the mother of a child and gained weight rapidly.To shed it off, she turned to an intensive workout program and a rigorous diet plan. "We're both still a little afraid of commitment, but then we were over there, and it was like our souls were calibrated," Vitale said. Vitale proposed last year while on a trip to Italy."And we thought if you just live in the same house there would be a connection, but no."As Valerie and Eddie's tumultuous marriage continued, she says she discovered Eddie was cheating on her.

"I heard him on the phone talking with [someone who], I assume, was a woman, and he was talking about how he just wanted out of the marriage," she says.

Valerie continued acting in numerous TV movies and feature films and won two Golden Globes.

She seemed to have it all—but it soon became clear that Valerie's life as a rock star's wife wasn't as glamorous as it appeared to be.

The personal trainer let her go for an 80-20 diet, where she could have eight parts healthy stuff, and two parts of the things that she liked.

In just four months, she lost 70 pounds weight without any plastic surgery.

"So I went out and visited, and we never separated from then on," she says.