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Verdasco dating ivanovic

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But then Agassi decided to do his impersonation of Sampras.

Tracy Austin, who was commentating, pretty much nailed it when she said it was just like when they were playing: Agassi was always showboating and Sampras was reserved and serious.He behaved like a spoiled child who found some mysterious reason to be cross with Sampras. Fun Fact: Sampras and Federer hold a significant combined edge of 30 slams to 14 held by Agassi and Nadal.However, their combined official head-to-head’s are 27-27. Agassi was the star of the men’s match with his constant chatting and sometimes taunting of Federer.After seeing how fun Federer and Nadal were in the first Hit for Haiti in Melbourne, I was pretty excited about this.Throwing in Agassi and Sampras seemed like we were in for maybe the greatest night in tennis. There was a lot of banter between Agassi and Federer with both of them teasing each other much to the delight of the crowd.Instead of “setting the record straight” between Agassi and Sampras, Gimelstob thought it was better to “set the record straight” about Sampras’s tipping habits.

After reading and praising Agassi’s book and defending him as a person, I’m thoroughly disappointed.

Why didn’t they mix up the teams to make it more even?

Then the main event: Roger Federer and Pete Sampras vs Andre Agassi and Rafael Nadal.

Considering how classy Agassi has been in the last decade, this was an unbelievably low blow.

Sampras served at Agassi and claimed Agassi made it personal.

At the end of it all, I don’t understand why Agassi ended up being more mad at Sampras.