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This study presents the first evidence that cephalopod populations have increased globally, indicating that these ecologically and commercially important invertebrates may have benefited from a changing ocean environment.As usual, you can also use this squid post to talk about the security stories in the news that I haven't covered. Tags: academic papers, squid Posted on December 29, 2017 at PM • 124 Comments • December 29, 2017 PM China: Social Media Account Becomes Official ID ‘The We Chat ID programme was co-developed by the research institute of the Ministry of Public Security and Tencent’s We Chat team, and supported by various banks and several other government departments.

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They've taken promises made to children born in America and stomped on them. No, I refuse to believe these people are not willfully evil, in the final analysis. This will also enable IC to responsible parents to ensure their children can't simply give their smartwatches to their friends at school to trick their parents into thinking that they are safe at school when in reality they're getting drugs and having sex while listening to rock 'n roll.There should be some analogs in operating systems, computing hardware and in services, like the Five Horsemen of the Tech Apocalypse. Big Brother is Watching You Watch Dirt Boxes: The Newest Government Tool for Warrantless Privacy Invasion The American Conservative Imperial Collapse Watch “Fat Leonard” Scandal Fallout Will Damage the Navy for Years US Naval Institute (Re Silc). Quantum mysteries dissolve if possibilities are realities Science Magazine (El Viejito). Perhaps squid are on the cusp of evolving the best "psychic" collaboration ever known, and when there are enough of them to reach their critical mass, it will be Squid, not Humans nor our Computers, who become the Singularity.The Predator State James Galbraith, Catalyst “The Anti-Corruption Principle” (PDF) Zephyr Teachout, Cornell Law Review (via). Then trillions of squid will all decide you aren't eating any of them.Expect enactment of a Social Credit System as an important means to regulate the economy and as a tool of governance to steer the behavior of citizens. I've known several people, myself included, who found out that their military cook was selling the food out the back door and pocketing the cash.Harry Truman made his career on rooting out corruption in road-building, then in defense contracting.“While political virtue is pursuing the public good in public life, political corruption is using public life for private gain. • December 30, 2017 AM The oceans are dying, continents of plastic trash. So right now, they want to drill in the arctic preserve that even big oil says is just way too risky.

They want to turn Alaskan rivers that all freshwater spawning salmon use into mining tails.

Positive trends were also evident for both fisheries-dependent and fisheries-independent time-series, suggesting that trends are not solely due to factors associated with developing fisheries.

Our results suggest that large-scale, directional processes, common to a range of coastal and oceanic environments, are responsible.

To investigate long-term trends in cephalopod abundance, we assembled global time-series of cephalopod catch rates (catch per unit of fishing or sampling effort).

We show that cephalopod populations have increased over the last six decades, a result that was remarkably consistent across a highly diverse set of cephalopod taxa.

They want to remove protections for critically endangered species going extinct as we speak.