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Scores are non-negative, and a score of 0.00 indicates that there is no reasonable 3'-anchored global alignment between two oligos.

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The maximum allowable length of a mononucleotide repeat, for example AAAAAA.Local self-complementarity is taken to predict the tendency of primers to anneal to each other without necessarily causing self-priming in the PCR.The scoring system gives 1.00 for complementary bases, -0.25 for a match of any base (or N) with an N, -1.00 for a mismatch, and -2.00 for a gap. For example, the alignment The maximum allowable 3'-anchored global alignment score when testing a single primer for self-complementarity, and the maximum allowable 3'-anchored global alignment score when testing for complementarity between left and right primers.Sennheiser has been one of the most trusted partners in wireless technology for decades and we want to partner with you to keep your performances sounding just as good as you do!To date, GSP includes three polyploid genome datasets, bread wheat, upland cotton, and switchgrass.In a polyploid species, genes from the homeologous genomes exhibit a very high sequence similarity, especially in the coding regions.

This makes it difficult to design genome-specific primers to amplify specific sequences from the individual genomes in the polyploid genome background.

The value for this parameter has the form This parameter should be considered EXPERIMENTAL at this point.

Please check the output carefully; some erroneous inputs might cause an error in GSP. This parameter allows GSP to select primer pairs to create in-frame amplicons e.g. GSP will attempt to select an in-frame left primer, ideally starting at or to the left of the start codon, or to the right if necessary.

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