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Who is eric balfour dating

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I never suspected there was a market for that mess. In any case, it is somewhat disturbing that "ten different Brits" didn't at least know what the phrase means."Bob's your uncle" is a way of saying "you're all set" or "you've got it made." It's a catch phrase dating back to 1887, when British Prime Minister Robert Cecil (a.k.a.

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The consolation is that there are a number of fascinating theories, so you can pretty much take your pick of the following.Personally, I like the one about 99 bottles of beer.Dear Evan: I was wondering where the expression "Mind your P's and Q's" came from -- Sarah, Natrona Heights, PA.As the scandal faded in public memory, the phrase lost its edge and became just a synonym for "no problem." Dear Mr.Morris -- Do you know the source of the phrase "lame duck?Of course, I imagine such a name would pose difficulties when it comes time to cash the old paycheck, bank tellers being a naturally suspicious lot.

As a slang term, of course, "malarkey" means something which is, to quote the Oxford English Dictionary, ""humbug, nonsense and foolishness." As to where "malarkey" as a slang term came from, all the major authorities draw a blank.

Nosiree, you can have my share of the truth any day -- I'll stick with "Baywatch," thank you. Oh yes, "malarkey." I think it's a grand name, myself.

It has a nice sort of Irish lilt to it, and a good galloping rhythm.

Here it is: How did the word "malarkey" earn its meaning? I find a fearless approach to the truth an admirable characteristic, but a little naive.

Please be forthright -- I am not afraid of the truth! In my experience, the truth is a pretty scary thing indeed -- just ask my accountant.

The term first appeared in America in the 1920's, but there is no clear connection to any other word in English.