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Who kenya moore dating

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To help financially support her and her grandmother (who raised her), she started to work as a model at the age of fourteen.As one thing led to another, Moore eventually made her television debut in an episode of the NBC sitcom, Currently, it is estimated that Kenya Moore’s Net Worth has broken into the one million mark.

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Despite the rough start in life, Moore thrived as a teen.At one point, she was even the cover girl for an issue of the Chicago-based Ebony Man’s magazine.In 1993, the young model garnered widespread attention after being crowned as Miss Michigan USA- making her the second African-American woman in history to win the title.A successful student, she studied at Wayne State University after graduating from Cass Technical High School in the late 80’s.To help support both herself and her grandmother, Moore started modelling for side income at the age of fourteen.Despite her high earnings however, word is that Moore is a heavy spender. However, it has been confirmed she is in fact, currently dating- although the identity of the other party has never been identified.

Her net worth has consequently dipped a bit in the past few years. In an episode of the talk show , she later revealed that the man she is currently with is 16 years younger than her, but that despite the age difference he is very sweet and intelligent.

By the end of it, she had effectively risen to celebrity status- at least in the United States.

It’s no secret that the cast members of get paid handsomely per season- they’re easily some of reality TV’s richest stars! According to various sources, she yielded $600,000 from the first season that she starred in back in 2013.

Let’s take a look at her career to see how she has earned her fortune.

Born on January 24, 1971 in Detroit, Michigan, Kenya Moore was raised by her grandmother after being abandoned by her teenage parents shortly after birth.

Still, it was the beginning of what would become a successful career., where she played alongside Gary Dourdan, Gretchen Palmer, and Bryce Wilson.