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Wsus server not updating

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A security update that requires the system to be rebooted is not installed and able to protect against the intended vulnerability until such time as the system is rebooted.

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For instance, if the user is doing a foreground download, browsing, or sending e-mail, downloading an update in the background will have no impact on those experiences.Once the update is on the client, depending on how the AU options are configured, the installation will occur with the appropriate administrative user logged on, as a separate and distinct action.By default the AU option is set to automatically download updates and then notify when the update is received and ready to be installed.The second important point is that even though download and installation are distinct activities, the actions of installation and reboot should be considered one and the same.These two actions are interdependent for updates that require the system to be rebooted to really be installed.Microsoft Windows is the most widely used desktop operating system in the world. For many of us, supporting it is how we make our living.

One of the endearing and annoying features of this ubiquitous OS is the monthly patch update process. It just kind of works in the background when you're not looking. I'll install the updates on a non-critical server during the week to test them. But for the workstations it does a pretty good job - most of the time.

Before downloading can happen, the client must check in with the WSUS server and determine what updates have been approved for it, as well as report its current update status.

By default, a client will check in with the WSUS server every 22 hours, or the check-in can be configured to occur as frequently as every hour.

We have to update a table in the WSUS database and correct our GPO with a new WMI filter that will work with Windows 10.

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In case you are not familiar with it, WSUS is Microsoft's free patch management tool. If you don't know the difference then you don't do Windows support.